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“New home Turku” digital service

Settling-in support for internationals living abroad.

This is a brand-new service model offered by International House Turku, as part of our wider soft-landing service. The aim of this service is to support your relocation process by offering the opportunity to start planning your move from your home country before arriving in Finland. The service is free of charge, confidential, and structured according to the needs of you and your family.

Digital form

“New home Turku” is designed exclusively for internationals currently living abroad. You are welcome to use this digital form if you:

  • Already know that you will be moving to Turku or Southwest Finland
  • Are interested in moving to Turku or Southwest Finland in the future

The “New home Turku” digital form represents the starting point for your soft-landing process before you move to Turku. You can provide information regarding your situation and needs using the text boxes below. The form will be received by a Talent Advisor, who will then contact you directly to arrange your first online meeting.

The form is not mandatory and it is also possible to book an appointment with us directly via email:

The information you submit will be visible to staff members at International House Turku and will be processed and stored according to the City of Turku’s privacy policy.

After completing the “New home Turku” digital form, you can proceed further in the soft-landing service together with a Talent Advisor through a process of advising and counseling sessions, which consists of three phases:

  1. an initial contact session focusing on your immediate needs;
  2. a session for drafting your soft-landing plan, which maps out your goals and actions for getting started in Turku;
  3. a check-up meeting after your arrival in Turku.


If you have any questions about “New Home Turku”, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you online!

Talent Advisor (for talents abroad)

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Housing in Turku

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