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International House Turku promotes the availability of skilled personnel by offering employers recruitment assistance. The service also provides support with work orientation, diversity and multiculturality related issues. The service is free of charge.

In order to promote the employment of those who have moved to Finland, cooperation models can be customized taking into account case-specific needs. Support can be offered, for example, for finding employees, organizing a recruitment event, developing employees’ language skills, work trial and internship periods, and for apprenticeship cooperation. International House Turku’s employees can visit the workplace to clarify practices and offer their services in multiple languages.

The business coordinator is responsible for business cooperation, supporting employers and developing practices to support successful employment. Contact us and we’ll discuss your situation.

Teemu Saarenpää

Business Coordinator

Group soft-landing

Group soft-landing is a service for companies, who have several new international workers arriving around the same time. It combines the service of personal soft-landing and offers a great chance to network with peers at the same time!

Soft-landing topics include advice for work-life, networking, Finnish language studies, and how to use City of Turku services.

For group soft-landing contact International House Turku’s Talent Advisor.

Service language: English

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