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Are you considering studying or are you ready for the job market?

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During Study or Work -days, you can contemplate and plan your path towards the working life of Finland.

During Study or Work -days, you will receive general information on topics such as: How could you utilize your previous skills and abilities in the Finnish job market, how do you apply for jobs in Finland or how do you apply for studies. Regarding your proficiency in the Finnish language and how you can study Finnish. And you will find out that which jobs might be suitable for your situation, skills and experience.

Study or Work -days are free of charge and last for 3 days (from Monday to Wednesday). Participation does not affect unemployment benefits. During this period, you can fulfill your job search obligations with support. Study or Work -days last for approximately 6 hours per day.

After Study or Work -days, you have the opportunity to receive support for job searching. Please contact IHT’s customer guidance services. If you are interested in further education, you can receive assistance with applying for education from a study counselor.

You will be individually invited to Study or Work -days once there are 5 people in the group.

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