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Women’s Networking and Peer Support Group

Welcome to our network! Join us for an enjoyable time on Friday (September, 29th) at 16:30 in the Mexican cafe as we aim to support you in making new friends in Turku!. We offer a monthly gathering opportunity, taking place every last Friday of the month, designed for all women residing in Turku. This upcoming meeting will revolve around the theme of Women's Well-being.

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We are delighted to have two esteemed international women’s health specialists with us:

  • Aiko Ota, a yoga teacher specializing in menstrual cycle awareness and an ayurvedic counselor.
  • Karmen Kollar, an expert in fertility awareness and menstrual health education.

They will share their valuable insights, tips, and tricks concerning the impact of relocating to different countries, including factors such as climate and time zones, on women’s health. Discover how to maintain balance during these changes.

Your host for the evening will be Deeana Lehtinen, an in-house coach at International House Turku. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out to Deeana at

Join us for an evening of sisterhood and knowledge-sharing!