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Welcome to Turku programme week 45: Embracing Finnish Culture

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The programme continues again on 6th November with the theme of Finnish culture and language. On Monday we will have many interesting speakers, feel free to choose the one suitable for you or even all of them!

As always, feel free to attend the ones fitting your schedule. You do not need to inform us beforehand which events you will attend.

Monday 6.11 from 13:30 to 17:30

(Feel welcome to join the entire event or part of it.)

Finland and the Finnish culture

This week you will be offered an entirely new and unique view on Finland and the Finnish culture as seen by returnees. What brought them back? Why they still choose Finland, after living and working in other countries? What makes Finnish culture and Finland the best choice for people who have been happy in other countries too?

Come to have inspiring conversations, hear interesting life stories and get answers to your immigration and integration related questions from our Finnternational experts:

13:30 Liisa Hildinger

14:30 Heidi Latvala-White

15:15 Joel Hakala

16:00 Sofia Hilli

Wednesday 8.11 from 16:30 to 18:00

Puhutaan suomea – Finnish language practice group gathers at International House Turku Hub (Linnankatu 31, 3rd floor) 4.30 pm – 6 pm and it´s providing internationals living in Turku an opportunity to practice their Finnish in a supportive and relaxed environment, together with peers, experience experts and native speakers.

The participants will be divided into groups based on the level of their Finnish language skills. The topics discussed each week follow the weekly themes of the Welcome to Turku -programme. The practice group and all other activities included in our Welcome to Turku -programme are free of charge, optional and client centered. 

Coffee/tea on the house too. 😊

Friday 10.11

12:30 – 14:00 Workshop: How to adapt to Finland and Finnish culture without losing yourself.
Learned skills and lived experience -based session. This is an interactive learning-by-doing session that will support you in the management of the big life change immigration-process is.
Change means challenges, but also growth and it requires both flexibility and adaptability in order to stay true to ourselves and our values. This workshop is aimed as a safe space for personal exploration, insights and empowerment.
Your guide: Deeana Lehtinen

12:30 to 15:30  Drop-in working space & peer support
If an international living in Turku, make sure to have Fridays 12:30 – 15:30 marked in your calendar!
This is when, in Linnankatu 31, internationals can connect with like-minded people, work on their projects in a friendly environment, get peer support, share useful information, inspire each other with engaging conversations, book coaching and mentoring sessions and enjoy the beginning of the weekend.

IHTu Hub´s Friday get-togethers are a great chance for you to exchange ideas and experiences, get answers to your questions and generally make your life in Turku more enjoyable and fulfilling.

At IHTu Hub you find everything you might need – networking opportunities, feedback and assistance with your CV, job applications or business plans, workspace options and a  fully equipped kitchen you can use, laptops,  mentoring and peer support, holistic expertise and a steaming cup of coffee. Your host is Deeana Lehtinen, the coordinator of Welcome to Turku -programme. If you have any questions, email Deeana at


(International House Turku Hub, Linnankatu 31, 3rd floor)

Register for the Welcome to Turku -programme and take your next steps in settling in Turku and making your life in Finland more enjoyable!

Welcome to Turku programme – International House Turku (