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Welcome to Turku Programme Week 23 (03.06 – 07.06)

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πŸ“† Monday, June 3
πŸ“Œ Security in AI: Crafting Secure Prompts for GenAI Tools
⏰ 15:00 – 17:00
πŸ“ International House Turku Hub, Linnankatu 31 / Click here to join online

Are you eager to learn how to harness the power of GenAI tools while ensuring privacy and security? Join us for a special presentation and workshop on “Crafting Secure Prompts for GenAI Tools” with Jolly Trivedi!

In this session, you’ll discover:
β€’ Best practices for crafting secure prompts;
β€’ Sample prompts tailored for startups, SMEs, and job seekers;
β€’ Interactive activities to enhance your skills.

πŸ“† Tuesday, June 4
πŸ“Œ Finnish Language Practice Group
⏰ 10:00
πŸ“ Click here to join online

Join our supportive online session to practice Finnish. All are welcome, but basic A1 proficiency is recommended.

πŸ“† Wednesday, June 5
πŸ“Œ Finnish Language Practice
⏰ 16:30 – 18:00
πŸ“ International House Turku Hub, Linnankatu 31

Practice your Finnish with native speakers and fellow learners in a welcoming environment. Groups will be tailored to your proficiency levels.

πŸ“† Friday, June 7
πŸ“Œ International Men’s Community Meeting
⏰ 16:30
πŸ“ International House Turku Hub, Linnankatu 31

For more info, please get in touch with Adriano Rocha at Β

For personalized coaching sessions, both in-person and online, please book appointments through 

If you have any questions, feel free to call our Welcome to Turku coordinator, Deeana Lehtinen, at +358 406264313. 

All our events are free of charge.

Hope to see you there!