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Turku Welcomes New International Talents

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On a spring Wednesday evening, a Newcomers Reception was held at Turku City Hall where the city warmly welcomed new international residents. The event gathered about 50 new Turku residents along with representatives from International House Turku, Business Turku, and the city’s cultural affairs office.

Mayor Minna Arve, who gave the opening remarks, emphasized the importance of international talents for Turku’s future in her speech. “You, international talents, are extremely important to our city, and we welcome you with open arms,” she said.

Mayor Minna Arve toasting.
Mayor Minna Arve toasting.

In Turku, new residents can expect a warm reception and concrete opportunities. During the event, Mayor Minna Arve described how Turku not only welcomes new residents but actively strives to build connections between them and the opportunities the city has to offer. “Today we focus on networking and exploring everything Turku can offer you and your families. Our multicultural city celebrates diversity and offers open doors to everyone,” said Arve. She emphasized that Turku wants its new residents to feel at home and find their place as active members of the city.

Nearly 800 Years of Internationality

Turku’s program for promoting integration emphasizes inclusion and diversity. For example, International House Turku’s range of services includes community language training, employment support, and intercultural dialogue. “Turku is involved in many projects that particularly support the active participation and well-being of non-native speakers,” Arve explained.


The event also shed light on how the city aims to narrow gaps in well-being and health through preventive work and by targeting services especially to those population groups and areas that need them most. “We monitor the development of residential areas and actively strive to improve particularly those areas that face challenges,” Arve added.

The event concluded with Mayor Arve’s hope that new residents find their place in the Turku community and feel welcome in a city that is preparing to celebrate its 800th anniversary in 2029. “I hope you feel that you are part of Turku’s future as we step together into a new century,” Arve stated, depicting the shared path forward for the city and its residents.

Turku continues to commit to promoting multiculturalism and integration, which is an essential part of the city’s long-term strategy. “Turku invites everyone to participate in experiences, work, innovation, and sustainable growth – to live the best time of their lives.”