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Answer the survey & help us develop International House Turku

This survey is aimed at you if you have moved to Finland and the Turku region from another country to either study or work. By answering you can win a Turku Food Walk card which takes you on a tasty tour around local restaurants.

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With the help of the survey the City of Turku finds out how people who have moved to Finland have settled in the Turku region. Based on the answers the City of Turku is developing city’s soft landing services and International House Turku service package. Our goal is to make moving and settling in to the Turku region as smooth as possible for all internationals.

You can answer the survey in English, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Polish and Romanian.

At the end of the survey you can take part in a draw where you have a chance to win delicious Visit Turku Food Walk cards worth 50 euros.

The survey is anonymous and the individual respondent cannot be identified.

This Relocation Services Survey is implemented by management consulting company Innolink.