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Register for the Career Skills Mapping Week

Career Skills Mapping is designed to help you plan your future as a student or in working life. During the Career Skills Mapping Week you can think and plan what kind of career path in Finland would be most suitable for you.

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The Career Skills Mapping Weeks are held in Finnish or in English. You can also get help during Career Skills Mapping Week in other languages.

During the Career Skills Mapping Week you will get information and advice about

  • how to apply for work
  • different education possibilities
  • your language skills and how to study Finnish language
  • your suitability into different work fields

The Career Skills Mapping Week is free to attend and consists of three full-day workshops (from Monday until Wednesday). Attending does not affect your unemployment benefit; you will receive support with fulfilling any job search obligations. Lunch is not provided during the programme.

After the Career Skills Mapping Week, you will get your own Advisor who will help you apply for jobs. If you wish to apply for further study, you can get help from a Student Counsellor.

Career Skills Mapping Weeks are held in International House Turku Kotoutumisen osaamiskeskus at the address Linnankatu 31, inner court. You will get a separate invitation to the programme after the minimum group size of 5 is fulfilled.

Skills Mapping Week start dates are: 30.1.2023, 6.2.2023, 13.2.2023, 27.2.2023, 6.3.2023, 13.3.2023, 20.3.2023, 27.3.2023, 3.4.2023, 17.4.2023, 24.4.2023, 8.5.2023, 15.5.2023, 22.5.2023, 29.5.2023.

You can also register for the Career Skills Mapping Week through the International House Turku Welcome Desk or through an Advisor.

Spring 2023 Career Skills Mapping Weeks programme

Monday 9.00–12.00: Finnish language test. We will test your Finnish language skills: How well you understand written and spoken Finnish language, plus how well you can write and speak in Finnish. You will get tips about what you should still learn and how you can learn more Finnish. You will get an evaluation of your Finnish language skills level and of your skills level in different fields.

Monday 12.30–15.30: Mapping the knowledge, strengths and improvement targets related to Finnish working life. The main goal is to recognize in which skills you are good at and what skills you can improve.

Tuesday 9.00–15.00: Digital skills day. During Digi-Tuesday you will be
a) Mapping your knowledge of basic digital skills.
b) Practicing the usage of the necessary digital applications which are used in working life.

Wednesday 9.00–12.00: Job search. We will think together about where to find suitable workplaces for you. You will get guidance regarding how to apply for work and you will learn about where you can get support for your job search.

Wednesday 12.30–15.30: Education. You will hear what kind of education possibilities are open to you and what studying is like. This includes how you can finance your studies. We will also discuss balancing your studies with family life.