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Finnish language study guidance

International House Turku offers guidance on studying Finnish, tips for self-learning and help with finding a Finnish language course. If you want to study Finnish and you need some extra support, this service is for you!

Our Finnish language teacher will evaluate your Finnish language level and help you to find the most suitable language course. The guidance can be short or long-term depending on your needs. Guidance is offered for both basic and more advanced level learners (A1 – B2 by the European reference scale).

Register for Finnish language study guidance through the International House Turku Welcome Desk or through an Advisor. You can also register by contacting the language teacher, Alina Naumova, directly: (

Service languages: Finnish, English and Russian.

Tips for studying Finnish

You can start learning Finnish yourself by reading and listening to ‘plain Finnish’ news (Selkouutiset) and by watching TV-series with subtitles. Reading Finnish books and listening to Finnish music helps too. It is important to try to speak Finnish language as much as possible, for example in a coffee shop or in a grocery store. The most important tip is to not be afraid to talk in Finnish – be brave and curious!